Maggie Awards nominates Out of Chaos for best digital publication and best digital article

Out of Chaos nominated for two Maggie Awards
Out of Chaos Magazine has been nominated for two Maggie Awards by the Western Publishing Association. The WPA is a non-profit business association dedicated to the advancement of the media publishing industry in the western US. Every year, the WPA gives out awards to print and digital publishers, for specific publications or articles. There are over 120 categories honored by this award, ranging from consumer print and digital to trade, monthlies, quarterlies, etc.

Out of Chaos is a finalist in two categories, Best Digital Edition or Tablet Article/Trade & Consumer for the article Life of Blue, and Best Digital Edition or Tablet Publication/Trade &

Maggie Award nominated article - Life of Blue

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Consumer for the Summer/Fall issue. This issue was the first to appear as part of the new content-managed platform and is the only finalist published in this new format.

Out of Chaos’ nominated article – ‘Life of Blue’, is part of the fall 2016 issue. You can access this and previous issues, as well as individual articles by downloading the app.
The Maggie Awards ceremony will be held April 27th in Los Angeles.